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Own a dream lifestyle in a rendezvous with nature...

At MB Infrastructures Ltd. we have spent undaunting hours realizing the importance of giving to you what you have been seeking in the Alps in Europe or in any other top of the line destination in the world. Offering a choice of ownership of such an elegant property happens for the first time in the context of Indian Himalayas.

Perched amidst serene surroundings, Ramgarh Suites and Spa Resort (RSSR) would offer a combination of Spa with its entire modern ethos & the resort with its state of the art facilities. Clustered alongside this Spa Resort are the residential suites (Apartments) that are completely saleable, transferable and mortgage able. At RSSR we have tried to refine and combine the art of a seven star living with the science of a divine and serene Himalayan Spa Resort.

Look no further; this destination is going to be the ultimate leisure spot in the whole of uttarakhand and be ready to be a proud owner of a part of this heaven.